Special Purpose Flat Steel

Special Purpose Flat Steel

Explore our exceptional range of special purpose flat steel products, meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of modern defense industry applications.

Our offerings include renowned grades like 30HGSA, 35HGSA, 41Cr4, C10, C35, CK35, C40, C60, CK60 etc.

Crafted with precision and expertise, our flat steel products promise unparalleled performance, durability, and versatility for a wide spectrum of applications.

One of our distinctive offerings includes a tailored material grade designed specifically for deep draw applications, particularly in the manufacturing of steel cartridge cases. This material boasts characteristics that have been fine-tuned to deliver optimal performance in deep drawing processes. Its microstructure consists of a balanced blend of ferrite and granular perlite, making it particularly well-suited for such applications.

To meet our customers needs precisely, we provide this material in the form of waterjet pre-cut blanks, crafted to meet the specified dimensions as per our customers' requirements.