Quality policy

Quality policy

All workers in Sistemska tehnika Armas commit ourselves to fulfill company's development goals and goals related to quality of our products and services according to quality policy. Quality management processes are being carried out in cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

We continuosly strive to achieve correct relationships with our customers. In this way, we comprehend their actual and future needs more easily and profoundly. We can, therefore, not only live up to their expectations, but can also exceed them. This can be done only by honouring and executing quality management on all levels. By using process-system approach when managing and performing all activities we continuosly improve existing situation on the basis of conclusions and facts.

We are aware, that satisfaction of our employees represents crucial contribution to the success of our company. We ensure neccessary sources needed to gain important skills and knowledge among our working force. In this way, we enable their growth and progress. Activities in the company are being managed in a way, that enables achievement of satisfaction and trust of our customers. Business and technological processes and sources, related to them, are being managed by competent and innovative coworkers.

When managing the company and its development we take into account cooperation with business and social environment, consideration of legal and other provisions in the field of business and execution of proper environment management system.

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krogArmored Recon. and Scout Vehicle - Valuk 6x6 ARSV

krogArmored Scout and Recon. Vehicle - Valuk 6x6 ASRV

krogNBC Recon. Vehicle – Valuk 6x6 NBC

krogMortar Carrier Vehicle - Valuk 6x6 MC120

krogMortar Carrier Vehicle - Krpan 8x8 MC120

krogMBT M55S1

krogDriver Tank M55USP