Valuk 6x6

The Valuk is a six-wheel drive, armoured multi-purpose military vehicle which successfully incorporates technology to meet military-tactical demands.

Basic characteristics of the vehicle

Its design complies with international standards. All six wheels driven, highly mobile, manoeuvrable, and extremely well balanced, the VALUK delivers top performance on any terrain or in water. Its low silhouette, high-quality armour and well proven system guarantee maximum protection for the crew.

The Valuk can be equipped with different weapon systems up to cal. 90 mm and has consistently proved itself around the world in the toughest tests.

Valuk is currently in production under licence of Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeug AG & Co KG from Austria in two variants – as armoured personal carrier (APC) and armoured ambulance. Additionally, the following variants are being developed: NBC reconnaissance vehicle, command vehicle, reconnaissance and scout vehicle.