Transport vehicle

Armoured personal carrier

The armoured personal carrier VALUK is available with two variants of weapon systems, both mounted on a GUN MOUNT:

  • Heavy machine gun (HMG) cal. 12,7 mm x 99 (.50) as well as
  • Automatic grenade launcher (ALG) cal. 40 mm.

In addition the vehicle is equipped with smoke/fragmentation grenade launchers, mounted on the hull. The crew consists of 9 men. The vehicle is intended to be used for the following tasks:

  • protected transport of personnel (mechanized infantry) in combat areas,
  • direct fire support to dismounted crew.

The hull and the turret provide protection against small arms fire.

The vehicle is equipped with:

  • valuk-vozilo-pehoteautomatic drive train management ADM,
  • driver's passive night viewer,
  • additional ballistic protection,
  • fire extinguishing system, portable extinguisher,
  • fire suppression system, crew compartment,
  • NBC protection system,
  • heating and ventilation system,
  • tire pressure inflation system,
  • communication equipment and intercom,
  • tent, directional search light,
  • smoke discharging system,
  • tire pressure inflation system,
  • hydraulically operated rear ramp.

Optionally, the vehicle can be equipped with:

  • recovery winch,
  • navigation equipment (GPS),
  • commander's passive night viewer,
  • firing equipment in darkness for HMG and AGL,
  • additional ballistic protection (add-on armour withstanding cal.14, 5mm AP),
  • laser warning receiver and auxiliary power unit (2,5 kW, 24V).




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krogArmored Scout and Recon. Vehicle - Valuk 6x6 ASRV

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