Armoured ambulance

The ARMOURED AMBULANCE VALUK (AAMB) is an armoured wheeled vehicle with three axles and extended hull.

Vehicle capacity

The AAMB is the vehicle of the forward mobile medical team in the combat zone. It permits rescue operations of up to:

in areas of unfavourable terrain. In addition, the vehicle is very useful for assisting the civil authorities in case of disaster relief operations.

The vehicle crew of the AAMB consists of:


During transport the patients are under medical care. The medical attendant has various equipment and material at his disposal. The hull provides complete protection against small arms fire.


The stretchers are in a rack system, capable of carrying standard stretchers (2+2). The medical attendant is seated toward on the left side of the vehicle at the head to the stretchers. It is possible to convert the stretcher mode to sitting wounded mode on both sides of the vehicle by simple removing the stretchers. The stretchers are easily loaded and unloaded through the rear doors and the accommodation can be varied to suit particular circumstances. The resuscitation apparatus can be used outside the vehicle. For this purpose it can be moved from its rack. The medical compartment can be entered by means of two rear doors. Each door is equipped with a lever to lock and secure it when closed.

Medical equipment

The main medical equipment consists of: