Vehicle characteristics

Krpan 8x8 vehicle characteristics

Simple operation – installed electronic equipment:

  • ensures simple and easy training and operation,
  • prevents and forgives driver's mistakes,
  • ensures simple and easy service.

Rear hydraulic ramp ensures rapid crew embarking and disembarking and transport of the cargo.

High mobility:

  • karakteristike1independent wheel suspension,
  • electronic engine control,
  • central Tire Inflation System,
  • two steered axles with steering brake,
  • antilock brake system (ABS),
  • run-flat,
  • self-recovery winch,
  • patented system ADM® automatically adjusts drive train to the terrain type,
  • all differentials - 100 % positive lock,
  • hydrodynamic primary retarder and ventilated disc brakes on all wheels for maximum deceleration,
  • amphibian operation with minimal preparation.

High crew safety:

  • add on modular armour with level 4 (STANAG 4569) protection (cal. 14,5 mm x 114 API/B32),
  • additional spall-liners,
  • low silhouette - small target,
  • double hull floor with special designed bottom plate for mine protection against 8 kg AT mine under any wheel (level 3a STANAG 4569),
  • Life Support System (LSS) - NBC overpressure protection system, ventilation, air-conditioning,
  • automatic fire extinguishing and suppression system,
  • all drive train components and steering linkages fully protected inside the hull,
  • low emission paint with 50% less thermal signature, developed in Slovenia.

Air transportability:

  • karakteristike3with C-130J, C-130J-30, IL 76, A-400, C-5 Galaxy.

Rapid and simple maintenance:

  • easy access to all major components,
  • quick power-pack removal (20 min) and re-mounting (20 min),
  • possibility to start the Power pack outside of the vehicle for easy service,
  • maintenance and repair diagnostic system also for field repairs,
  • computer based training system,
  • common parts between VALUK 6x6 and KRPAN 8x8 up to 40%.

Modularity and versatility

Vehicle's modular design enables mounting of a light and heavy weapon systems. Armament type is adapted to the vehicle mission:

  • armoured personal carrier (APC),
  • infantry fighting vehicle (IFV),
  • vehicle for direct or indirect fire support,
  • command vehicle and other variants made according to the user requirements.

Mission readiness :

  • simple and easy training and operation,
  • clear and ergonomic layout of all man/machine interfaces for quick understanding,
  • high degree of availability with minimal maintenance effort and simplicity in maintenance operations,
  • cost-efficiency in operation, maintenance and servicing (low POL consumption, mainly commercial off the shelf drive train components used).




krogArmored Recon. and Scout Vehicle - Valuk 6x6 ARSV

krogArmored Scout and Recon. Vehicle - Valuk 6x6 ASRV

krogNBC Recon. Vehicle – Valuk 6x6 NBC

krogMortar Carrier Vehicle - Valuk 6x6 MC120

krogMortar Carrier Vehicle - Krpan 8x8 MC120

krogMBT M55S1

krogDriver Tank M55USP