Tank upgrades

Upgrading of T-55 tanks

The Russian, Polish and Slovak variants of T-55 are the most widely extended types of tanks in the world. At least 30,000 are still in use which makes this tank the most grateful subject for upgrading. Its combat capacities can be easily increased also up to 100%.

Course of upgrading

Its robust construction and simple maintenance in a combination with upgrading provides an efficient and realiable combat vehicle which can handle the toughest tasks of modern comprehension of the use of armoured systems. As all mounted upgrading elements are of a modular design, to avoid additional alterations of a tank structure, they can be easily replaced with modern parts prolonging their life by at least ten to fifteen years, retaining the level typical for the second generation of tanks.

Key elements of upgrading the T55 tanks

  • fire power
    • increased fire power by installation of a grooved gun L7 105mm,
    • thermal protection of a gun barrel.
  • optical and electronic system
    • increased combat characteristics by installation of a Fire Control System (FCS) allowing firing-on-the-move with accurate ballistics,
    • modern fire control system, day&night vision laser system (I2)-EFCS3-M55,
    • tank m55commander's take-over system, day&night vision system (I2)-COMTOS,
    • combined day&night driver's periscope (I2)-CODRIS.
  • protection
    • increased level of protection with an explosive&reactive amour,
    • warning system for laser and infra-red radiation,
    • smoke grenade launcher, red phosphorus-based,
    • fire control system in the combat and motor compartments.
  • communication system
    • installation of a new external communication system,
    • a new internal communication system,
    • external communication with tank commander.




krogArmored Recon. and Scout Vehicle - Valuk 6x6 ARSV

krogArmored Scout and Recon. Vehicle - Valuk 6x6 ASRV

krogNBC Recon. Vehicle – Valuk 6x6 NBC

krogMortar Carrier Vehicle - Valuk 6x6 MC120

krogMortar Carrier Vehicle - Krpan 8x8 MC120

krogMBT M55S1

krogDriver Tank M55USP