About Armas doo

About Us

ARMAS is an independent company dedicated to producing and selling indigenous steel products for defense applications. The company is licensed for the production, exporting, and trading of defense products.

ARMAS is part of a vertically integrated supply chain with control over R&D, engineering, and production of defense products.

Quality & Flexibility are the decisive factors in selecting materials, parts, and components.

Vast heritage & Experience in providing special-purpose steel applications:
  • Ballistic and other flat steels used in defense industries.
  • Long and forged steels used in defense industries
  • Forgings, artillery and mortar barrels, and components.
  • Highest quality torsion bars.
  • Engineering and maintenance related to complex land systems.
Some of our references:
  • Charlie Hebdo Ballistic Protection of the building after 2015 terrorist attack
  • Supply of premium light firearms barrel steel for renowneed brands
  • OEM torsion bars for several MBT & APC producers (Altay MBT, Tulpar S,..) and torsion bars for upgrades (MBT M60T SABRA)
  • Ballistic protection steel for several APC's and civil vehicle protection
  • Artillery barrels for several renowned OEM's
  • Intergration of 120 mm mortar systems on Pandur 8x8 vehicles
  • Production of 6x6 APC VALUK & 8x8 APC KRPAN
  • Modernization of T55 MTB's & Howitzer 155 mm upgrade for Slovenian Army
  • Maintenance and upgrades of various armoured vehicles