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Components for Artillery and Mortars

From rough-machined barrels to highly stressed artillery components, our expertise shines across applications including aircraft cannons, anti-aircraft cannons, recoilless guns, howitzer guns, and tank guns.

Combining skilled artisans and cutting-edge machinery, each production step reflects unwavering commitment to excellence.
For over three decades, ARMAS has stood as a distinguished leader in the defense sector. Our focus lies in the field of highest quality torsion bars, ballistic protection steel plates, and components for artillery and mortars. With a lineage dating back 400 years in steel production, our historical achievements include producing barrels during the First World War in Ravne. ARMAS's legacy is rooted in excellence, exemplified by our crucial role in constructing components for the prestigious M84 Main Battle Tank in Yugoslavia.
Embracing the twenty-first century, our expertise has evolved to encompass advanced vehicle engineering. Engineering of Krpan and Valuk series. Introduced in twenty-first century for Slovenian Armed Forces the versatile Krpan Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier and the VALUK series, featuring options like the VALUK Ambulance, Reconnaissance, and Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carriers. As an autonomous entity, ARMAS proudly holds a distinguished license for manufacturing, exporting, and trading cutting-edge defense technologies.
ARMAS's vertical integration empowers us to exert full control across operations. From pioneering research and development to intricate engineering and manufacturing processes, each step is executed with meticulous precision. Our offerings set the industry standard for specialized steel applications, encompassing ballistic protection steel plates and tailored flat steels that align seamlessly with the evolving demands of the defense sector.
Our engineering mastery is tangible through the delivery of top-tier torsion bars and comprehensive engineering and maintenance services designed for complex land systems. Guided by an illustrious past and a commitment to shaping the defense landscape, ARMAS remains at the forefront of innovation, reimagining possibilities, and ensuring unwavering reliability in the realm of defense.


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